Broths and Special Effects Dieting Question

what are your thoughts on bone broth fasting for recovering from heart surgery?


For better or for worse, this is a hugely sympathetic and probably most polite version of my unfortunately very common response to "special effects" dieting questions, given that the problems, erroneous actions and beliefs end up being very similar for most people. I remain exceedingly concerned and, all due respect to the constructive desire and willingness to take a step or two, caution that the usual self-prescribed adopting of internet healing methods (read "pitches") proposed to cure, or at best patch the problems, in fact make the problem worse or recur in a slightly different form despite the best of intentions.

Here is why: No heart surgery, impolite cap emphasis intended, NO HEART SURGERY, resolves the underlying physical depletion conditions that most often bred the problem and could even have helped your body reverse the problem without surgery if caught soon enough. Not a popular notion if you are selling surgery but a very great relief and insight when your body is the one on the receiving end of the knife. Post-any surgery= trauma, like the effects of long term stress, additionally drains and depletes reserves even further. Fat is a natural outcome of depletion, and the absolute wrong thing to do is restrict sources of nutrients, when the problem is a depleted state to begin with. Yours, like most, remains a DEPLETION problem, and reducing groups of needed nutrients further to address fat reduction desires by restricting yourself to a bone broth diet for any length of time will ultimately just worsen the actual problem or continue to create body terrain shortfalls that inevitably invite the same or other nutrition related disease issues.

The only priority for virtually every dis-ease is nutrient saturation for 9-12 months to eliminate the chronic depletion that led to the heart (diabetes, stroke, candida,, cancer, Alzheimer) event. Then and only then does a structured and integrated exercise and eating plan to carve excess weight off become appropriate and easy to safely accomplish and maintain. And I love and eat bone broth every week!!

To rebuild a crumbling foundation can be perceived as expensive looking at monthly supplement costs, but compared to a lifelong, copay, prescription medicine addiction, side effects and more potential surgeries, in the long view, saturation not depletion starts to look more logical. Like a car which wears down and needs a new transmission or engine, you cannot nickel and dime the $2000-$5000 replacement job with a $40 oil change (bone broth). The engine will still blow up a few months down the road after a patch job.


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