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  • I studied at Lee Strasberg in NYC and listening to you talk brought me right back.  You are a gifted teacher and your passion and knowledge for the craft shine through. You explain the art better than either teacher I had. Gretchen R.

  • Michael has a way of showing people what their strengths are, as well as their challenges to overcome, that will transform you into a quality actor. He has a dynamic range of tools that will get you beyond where you even thought you needed to be. To work with Michael has been a gift.  Kristeena 


  • I just finished going through the relaxation exercise this morning and wanted to let you know how much it means to have that tool. opened my eyes, I smiled and told myself ‘what a blessing!’ I can feel the benefits all ready and I am truly grateful ... Michelle

  • Plenty of advice on how to voice a copy. Great tips for anyone looking at pursuing a voice acting career Tedd


  • Michael has a very insightful eye for reading copy and finding details and truths I hadn't noticed. In my time with him, he was able to see things in the script and then show them to me in a way I could understand. Justin 


  •   Michael has a very "down to Earth" approach. His class was very informative and his professional presentation made everything more than worthwhile. His comments were always constructive and presented in a manner that lead to a great learning experience.​Kenneth   

  • Michael has a unique coaching style that incorporates the skillset of physical acting with that of voice acting. By blending technical precision with internal mental and emotional processes, students learn to add nuanced layers to performances across the many genres of voice acting.Mark 

  • I'm a public speaker and I had a 22 page script that I had to work on to deliver to live groups His style is very a different from what most coaches would tell you but no one else has been able to get me to deliver my presentation the way he did.  THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING.​Carrie

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my recent (first) TVAS workshop with Michael. He has a very approachable, patient, relaxed style of direction - not intimidating! He listens well and quickly assessed what I needed to do to improve/adjust my reads. So helpful. He really takes time with each student, and I not only learned tips for myself, but gleaned a lot from his direction of fellow classmates. Would recommend and will take a class again from Michael! STACEY 



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  • Relatable is the best word to describe him, I think. He brings the truth to a place I can see it and make it my own. He doesn't just tell me how it should be said or played; that would be too easy and I don't think I would have learned anything from it. The way he teaches you isn't just regurgitating information or reciting lines from a text book, but he asks you questions about what YOU think and how YOU feel about the character or situation etc. Causing you to see it for yourself. That's the most valuable lesson to me: seeing it for myself, and Michael does that for us. Justin

  • Michael P. has the ability to handle whatever level you are at (beginner to seasoned) and add to your bag of tricks and you'll have a lot of laughs while doing it. Michael    

  • Direct and to the point. Great at providing context and framework for feedback that was easy to understand. I had the opportunity to work with Michael in a classroom setting so got to see how he worked with each person individually and he tailored his method of feedback to specifically help each person.  Cathy 

  • Speaking from personal experience with Michael during his public and private lessons, I can highly recommend him!  His classes are hands on, energetic and very, VERY FUN!  from on camera, to script reading, getting into character and performance choices. For the professional or more experienced VO looking to get to the next level, Michael takes a deep dive into your abilities and technique honing those skills like a knife. Do yourself a favor and let Michael help you reach your potential, he will give you the tools to succeed.  Christopher

  • I have taken several classes taught by Michael Profunato. He mixes his positive upbeat love of acting with his deep acting knowledge to create a fun learning experience for novice and veteran actors alike. His classes are a fantastic fun way to learn about acting and how those skills can apply to other creative endeavors. Not only is Michael a natural teacher, but a great individual who goes above and beyond to help out his students, fellow actors and friends. Plus, he is an awesome Voice Over talent! I strongly recommend anyone to take advantage of an opportunity to learn from Michael Profunato.  Mark

  • I have studied with Michael and many other coaches at TVAS. He has a very unique approach, and I have enjoyed his classes immensely. He is incredibly good at guiding you into "becoming" the role that you are playing, not just acting it out. I highly recommend him as a teacher and coach!  Kevin

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